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     1970     PORTABLE  TYPEWRITERS     P I C T U R E   G A L L E R Y     

( Accommodates 11" Wide Papers )

SN = 6LTV-446310H
Syracuse, NY / USA
US QWERTY keyboard
elite 12 cpi; 132 cpl
black/red ribbon
free setting tabs
»Power Space« key
w. metal case
20 lbs ;   9 kg

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                 based on the book of W.A.Beeching »Typewriter« (1974)

The story of SMITH-CORONA begins 1876 with Alexander Brown, a talented
designer. He had seen a typewriter at an exhibition and convinced he
could build a better one. Soon after this he was visited from the
Smith brothers who wanted help in re-designing a gun for their Smith
factory in Syracuse / USA.  He did it and also he interested the Smith
brothers in financing the production of a new and better typewriter.
It became a success and the Smith brothers discontinued gun-making and
founded the SMITH-PREMIER TYPEWRITER CO. what later was L.C.SMITH &
BROSS. TYPEWRITER CO. OF SYRACUSE.  The features of their 1904 model
became the standard in future office machines.  In 1926  L.C.SMITH
merged with  CORONA  who was leader in making portable typewriters. In
1955  SMITH-CORONA  made an electric office typewriter with features
ahead of competitors.  In 1958 they merged with  MARCHANT CALCULATORS
forming  SMITH-CORONA-MARCHANT INC. ( = SCM )  and became one of the
world leading corporation for office machinery.

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