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( Version 2 )

W = 3_1/2"; 9 cm   D = 2_3/4"; 7 cm   H = 5_3/4"; 14.5 cm   1_1/2 lbs ; 680g
RENO PLASTIC, Reno, Nevada / USA                                      (1960)

This historic  TOY SLOT MACHINE BANK  has a  die-cast metal housing.  When a
10 cent coin is in the slot, the metal handle is released and can be pulled.
The cylinder with  3 visible icons in line  SPINNS  and will stop in another 
pattern in the windows.  In sequence are 9 different patterns.  The "Winning
Pattern"  is  »JACKPOT-JACKPOT-JACKPOT«  and the "JackPot" will be released,
when the  S W I T C H  on the back side is set to »JACKPOT«. It is supposed,
that this "won money" goes back into the saving bank: There is a PLUG on the
back side to fill the saving bank's body - Have a LOOK INSIDE ...


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